Der Fußball von München

My next post will be about the football, or Fußball, of Munich. It has two teams, one of them the leading Bundesliga winners and the other in the relegation zone of the Bundesliga 2. One, FC Bayern München, is arguably the best team in the world, and the other, TSV 1860 München, isn’t even one of the top 30 teams in Germany. FC Bayern has players such as Robert Lewandowski, David Alaba, Mario Götze, and Franck Ribery. 1860 München has Rubin Okotie, Sascha Mölders, and Daniel Adlung.

Bayern have reached the UEFA Champions League semifinal 10 times, and won five times. Bayern have one the league 25 times. They have won the Deutscher Pokal (German Cup) 17 times. Their biggest win was against Borrusia Dortmund. The final score was 11-0! Their most famous managers were Franz Beckenbauer, Louis van Gaal, and Pep Guardiola.

Turn- und Sportverein München von 1860 was not actually made in 1860. It was made in 1848. They were almost relegated to the Bayernliga last season, which is the third division. They are currently in 14th place, facing another relegation playoff. They were one of the founding fathers of the Bundesliga. They won one title in 1965-66, but no others. Meanwhile, their neighbors are racking up their 26th Bundesliga title.


MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 29: Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Muenchen celebrates scoring his teams fifth goal during the UEFA Champions League Group F match between FC Bayern Munchen and GNK Dinamo Zagreb at the Allianz Arena on September 29, 2015 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

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3 thoughts on “Der Fußball von München

  • 04/27/2016 at 5:56 pm

    Dear Ethan,
    It was nice to read your post about the football of Munich. It sounds like this sport has been around for centuries. Bayern has had so much success reaching the UEFA Champions League semifinal 10 times. That is a big achievement for them. From your pictures, it looks like they have enormous fan support. Do you know anything about the blue and white flag in the picture? I’m wondering about the creature on it and what it stands for.

    Happy trails Ethan,
    Mrs. Fordyce

  • 04/30/2016 at 11:46 pm

    Dear Ethan,
    Great post! Where did you get all this information? Did you search it up on the internet? Did you travel to Germany and watch a big foot ball game? rather known in Germany, Fubball? It sounds like there was one team that was very popular and had better players and then another team that didn’t get as much scores and had only three top players of their team. I never knew that in Germany they call Foot ball Fubball. When you were researching or at the game, what were your favorite players or team? It must have been fun researching what other country’s do for sports or even our same sports but played in another country with a different name. Have you ever seen or played in another country’s way of playing sports? If so, then was it exciting to watch or participate in? what is your favorite sport? Do you like all sports? I’m not that good at Soccer but I play well in Softball. At first I would play T ball and then I started Soft ball. I was A little nervous at first, But then I enjoyed it really well. At the end of one of the years of T ball that I played as a small child, My dear coach said that she would send me my first Trophy in the mail. I was very excited but the Trophy never came. One day I decided to give up. You might think it’s a sad story, but I really don’t care because the second year of T ball I got a medal. Then my first year of Soft ball came and at the end I got a Trophy. I love your post and hope you will continue to blog.
    Dearly Loved,


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