The Story of an Arctic Fox

Hello. My name is Hunter. My brothers Sneak, Tundra, and The Scavenger have abandoned me. I am now a loner as I make my way to the mating ground. I will now tell you about me. I am an arctic fox. My favorite food is a nice, juicy, lemming. Lemmings are a very cute animal. They are small, so you can not see them in the winter. They are dying, so we will not have much food. Sure, we can eat other gizmos, but these are plentiful and flavorful. We can eat voles, carrion, and veggies, but only in the case of an emergency. Now that I’ve told you this, will you save lemmings for us? Thank you. We live in burrows. Sometimes we go down there in the winter, even though we do not hibernate and can survive in temperatures of 50ยบ. Would you like to hear my predators? My predators are polar bears and wolf packs. I once had a close contretemps with a snowy owl as a baby. I would now like to tell you some cool facts about me.

  1. I live on a large territory of about 10 miles.
  2. I live for 3-6 years.
  3. My mate will produce up to 25 pups.
  4. We are not carnivores-we are omnivores.

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3 thoughts on “The Story of an Arctic Fox

  • 10/28/2015 at 1:53 pm

    Hi Ethan my name is Tatham for short it is Tate I really liked your story about the Arctic Fox I liked it because the part about the Arctic Fox scavenging for food was really good and AWESOME.I wish you could add a little more about where the Arctic Fox came from.I wonder why they could be endangered.If you wan’t to get on to my blog just type

  • 02/25/2016 at 3:28 pm

    Hey Ethan,
    I’m Shawn from
    Candiac, Quebec, Canada. I really like arctic foxes. In fact,
    they are my favorite animal of all time. They are just so cute!
    And that story was very interesting. Well done! I hope to hear
    more from you. Keep up the good work!

    Shawn ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 06/27/2019 at 1:14 pm

    Hi Ethan!
    I was really impressed with creation about Arctic Fox. Finding your blog has inspired me! I am a librarian exploring the idea of having my students create blog posts about books they have read. I saw that one of your favorite things to do is read. Never give that up!
    Here is a link to me blog, where I talk about your blog.


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