Old Faithful

We went to Old Faithful on the last day in Yellowstone.  It was so fun! Old Faithful erupts about every 60-110 minutes.  It erupts 140 feet in the air, but has been known to erupt 190 feet.  Old Faithful was named in 1870. It was the first geyser to receive a name. The water temperature was 244 F°, proving that the geyser really lives up to it’s name.

How does it erupt? (no searching online)

Watching the geyser erupt

Watching the geyser erupt

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Africa Bridge


This is the logo of Africa Bridge.

In the month of April,  the second grade of Stafford Primary will help people from the village of Ntandabala, Tanzania by doing a Read To Feed/Read To Build Reading Challenge.  We will read new series, bigger books, more minutes, and new genres.  We will read to help the students in Africa, inspired by the book Beatrice’s Goat.  It takes place in Kasinga, Uganda.  In the book, Beatrice was lucky enough to receive the gift of a goat, Mugisa, who changed her life.  Some of you may be thinking: How does a goat change someone’s life? Read the book to find out.

I translated to Swahili, the language of Tanzania, where I am reading to feed and reading to build.   I translated using Google Translate.

Mimi kutafsiriwa kwa Kiswahili, lugha ya Tanzania, ambapo mimi kusoma kulisha na kusoma kujenga.   Mimi kutafsirawa kutumia Google Translate.

Katika mwezi wa Aprili, daraja la pili ya Stafford Msingi itasaidia watu kutoka kijiji cha Ntandabala, Tanzania kwa kufanya Read Ili kulisha / Read Kujenga Reading Challenge. Sisi kusoma mfululizo mpya, vitabu kubwa, zaidi ya dakika, na muziki mpya. Sisi kusoma kuwasaidia wanafunzi katika Afrika, aliongoza kwa kitabu Beatrice ya mbuzi. Ni unafanyika katika Kasinga, Uganda. Katika kitabu hicho, B  eatrice alikuwa na bahati ya kupokea ile zawadi ya mbuzi, Mugisha, ambaye iliyopita maisha yake. Baadhi ya unaweza kuwa na mawazo: Ni jinsi gani mbuzi kubadilisha maisha ya mtu? Kusoma kitabu kujua.


How will you make a difference for people in other countries?

Jinsi gani unaweza kufanya tofauti kwa watu katika nchi nyingine?

Just one world….

Dunia moja tu….

Welcome Okaidja Afroso!

Karibu Okaidja Afroso!

Sure, they’re dancing…but on a TV show?

Hakika, wao ni kucheza…lakini yuu ya TV show?

Go Africa!

Ir Àfrica!

We are your friends….

Sisi Je Marafiki Yako….

Mission To Make A Difference

Mission Ya Kufanya Tofauti

Orville Wright

My great person is Orville Wright.  He was a printer, bike manufacturer, and one of the inventors of the airplane.  He changed the world by being the “First to Fly”.  The bicycle shop he and Wilbur started was called the Wright Cycle Company.  The newspaper they printed was called the West Side News.  Here is one of his most famous quotes:




Cats are awesome!  There are between 39 and 49 breeds of cats in the world.  Above there is a funny video about cats and how much this person likes cats.    Did you know that a cat’s heart beats five times faster than a human?  Post on the Padlet below.

 Here are some facts about cats: Cats sleep 16-18 hours a day.  Almost 10% of a cat’s bones are in it’s tail.  A cat can make about 100 different sounds, while a dog can only make about 10.  A cat can jump up to five times its own height in one jump.  Some cats have survived 65-foot falls.  The heaviest cat ever weighed 47 pounds.  A cat lover is called an Ailurophilia.

Here is a picture of the cute Puss in Boots and a cat playing on the iPad.