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Storm Hits Northeast

One of the worst storms of this winter has hit the Northeast United States. A snow emergency was issued in Boston, Massachusetts, where 12-15 inches of snow have been dumped. Also, New York City got 8-12 inches. Many flights (1,600) have been canceled, the largest school district in the country (NYC) has also been canceled, warnings not to leave your house unless its an emergency have been sent out, and even snow thunder has happened , a rare natural phenomenon in which thunder and lightning occur during a snowstorm. Have you ever witnessed a thundersnow?  One-fifth of America’s population, or 16 million people have been affected. At NYC’s JFK airport on Wednesday February 8, the temperature was 65° Fahrenheit. The next day, it was 25° and snowing. This storm started in the West and is not technically a nor’easter, though some say it is.

365 Days Until Winter Olympics

Yes, we are one year away from the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, in South Korea. Here are some facts about the Games you might not know.

  • Norway have won the most medals, at 329, with 118 of those gold.
  • A lack of snow in Innsbruck, which hosted in 1964, required the Austrian military to climb mountains and get more than 50,000 cubic yards of snow and 20,000 blocks of ice. The soldiers packed down the snow and ice with their hands and feet.

  • No country in the Southern Hemisphere has ever hosted a Winter Olympics.
  • Before the start of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the Olympic torch traveled the longest distance in history to the North Pole, the bottom of Lake Baikal in Russia, the top of Mount Elbrus, also in Russia, and even into outer space.

What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport?

Flu Season Peaks

Ever wonder why your mom always says that you have to get a flu shot? Ever feel sick right afterward? Well, that’s because the vaccine is working. I’ll try to answer some other questions as well. Going outside in the cold does not give you the flu. Well, why do most people get sick during the winter, then? The answer is because more people stay indoors during the winter, so it catches from person to person. Actually, the flu vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting the sickness, but it will offer plenty of protection. You will not be as sick, or if you do get sick, it won’t last as long. So your mom was right, but not for the reasons you thought. However, you should still wear your coat to keep warm. Other sicknesses might come from being in the cold without sufficient protection.

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    Hi Ethan, you are clearly a very good writer. I love how you have almost no spelling errors and you have a lot of great info. I really like the section about the flu and how you started it with a question.


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